Florin Pop

Front-end developer

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius

how it all started

The Story Behind and the Process

It all started in 2013 when a good friend of mine introduced me to web development. We started learning HTML, and quickly after I got into CSS, at that point I was mind blown by it's power!

A few months later, I created a Freelancer account and started bidding on different jobs there. Some of the clients liked my work so I got myself few long-time gigs.

I started learning jQuery to enhance my "web powers", but after a while, realizing that jQuery is built on top of JavaScript, I dropped it and started learning Vanilla JS, and when I felt that I understood what is going on under the hood, I picked ReactJS to help me on the long run on the front-end. I also added NodeJS (back-end) to my skills palette so I could provide Full-Stack JavaScript services. :)

I later switched to Upwork as they seem to care more about their freelancers.

I also love creating tutorials on various topics ranging from: how to create different Web Components or Web Applications to how to solve Coding Challenges (mostly in JavaScript). You can find out more about these on my blog.

Providing various services

Improving the web since 2013

As mentioned above, I'm specialized in HTML/CSS and JavaScript on the frontend, but I'm pretty comfortable with ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, Firebase, Wordpress, PHP, etc. For more details about my completed projects check out my CodePenGithubUpwork and Freelancer profiles.

See the Timeline for an overview of my progress and accomplishments so far.

Get in touch and we'll bring your website to the next level!

Web development

HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Foundation), JavaScript (React, Node, Express, MongoDB) ? You name it. I have it all covered!

Responsive Design

In 2023 you can't go online without having a mobile responsive website. Let me take care of that for you!


Millions of website are built on top of Wordpress, yours can become the next one!


Do you have a nice design in photoshop or even sketch? Contact me and I'll convert them into fully responsive, nice looking websites!
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Great Freelancer in all ways. Quick turnaround and great communication. Very profesional freelancer.

- Andreas, Upwork