100 Days - 100 Projects Challenge

100 Days - 100 Projects


100 Days - 100 Projects it's a challenge I'm going to take (and you can join too) starting today (17th September 2019) that it's meant to improve my programming skills by building projects (lots of them emoji-smiley).

Think of it as the next step if you ever participated in the #100DaysOfCode challenge.

Note: Scroll down to see the projects I've built so far.

Note #2: at the and of the post you can also find 3 variants of this challenge if you feel like changing it a little bit. 😄


  • create a project per day
  • share your progress on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc) using the #100Days100Projects hashtag
  • a project could be: an app, a component, a website, a game, a library, etc
  • you can pick what programming language and framework you like
  • the project has to be done by 11:59 PM

Rules for me

I've created some rules for myself that I don't want to enforce on anyone, but feel free to do the same if you want!

  • if I fail to complete the project for the day, the first 5 people to point it out on Twitter (@florinpop1705) will receive $5 via PayPal (a total of $25). Adding a little bit of motivation for myself! 😉 (Before requesting anything, be sure to check the time in my timezone first - for me the timezone is GMT+3)
  • in this post you'll be able to find a link to all of the projects that I'm going to create (see the table below)
  • for some of the projects you'll also be able to find an article/a tutorial

Anyone is welcomed to join the challenge alongside me! I'm going to be available on our discord channel where you can come to share your progress or if you need any help along the way.

Join the discord channel by becoming a patron here.


There is also a Github repository where you can propose any project you'd like me to create! Let's see how creative you can be! 😄

And if you feel supportive, make sure you follow and support me on Social Media! Thank you! 🙏

Projects list

Day Project Article / Tutorial
001 Random Meal Generator Link
002 2019 Mood Calendar -
003 Double Noise Flow Field -
004 Catch the insect -
005 User Profile Design -
006 Pokedex -
007 James Bond Tribute Page -
008 Live Twitter Feed -
009 This or That (w/ dogs) -
010 Math Wizz Game -
011 Push Force Game -
012 Background Pattern Generator -
013 Password Generator -
014 Contact Page Design -
015 Voting App -
016 Clock -
017 Testimonial Design -
018 Typing Speed Test -
019 Send Love Button -
020 Official Website for #100Days100Projects -
021 Feedback UI Design -
022 Tricky Cookie -
023 Background Animation -
024 Hover Board -
025 Reviews Design -
026 Gravity Switch -
027 Line Through Effect -
028 Workout Tracker Design -
029 Event KeyCodes -
030 Animated Navigation -
031 New Year Countdown -
032 Text to Life -
033 Exchange Rate Calculator -
034 Billionaires Responsive Table -
035 Image Reflection -

Smaller versions of the Challenge

If you feel intimidated by the #100Days100Projects challenge, you can start small by doing either:

  • #7Days7Projects or
  • #30Days30Projects

The rules are the same as for the #100Days100Projects challenge.

The Ultimate Challenge!

If you feel like #100Days100Projects is too easy for you, then you can go for the Ultimate Challenge by working on #365Days365Projects challenge. Whoever does this challenge really deserves a medal! 🎖

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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